Hello! Welcome to EdenEvoX, EdenEvoX is my personal website where I mainly like to showcase all my design work but also talk all things SEO and tech related.

The four main things in my life are design, web stuff, gaming and family. Fortunately I am lucky enough to make a living as a digital marketing executive for a boutique marketing agency named Bravr. While most of my day time is taken up with our numerous clients, I love to spend my weekends blasting people on Halo and doing various activities with my fiance and children.

I have spent the vast majority of my life drawing and designing and eventually came out with a degree in digital and graphic design which soon evolved into web marketing skills such as SEO. I am often told that I have a dark and unique approach to my designs, usually creating something completely wild whilst ignoring the usual standard practices. For this reason I label myself as a ‘Creative Designer’.

Being a designer and SEO expert is a bit weird right? It is not your usual mix for a tech guy, however it works really well because what is the point of making content such as images if you can’t promote them?! I find search engine optimisation really interesting and it is something that I work hard at every day. It is the kind of skill that I think every webmaster should have because it can be an absolute gold mine if applied correctly.

Thanks for reading through this and if you ever want to get in touch, please feel free to drop me an email via my contact form!

Have a great day,

Cai Simpson


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