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All documents will meet a high standard and will meet the description published on the page where you buy it from. There are NO refunds on ANY items within this website. However if you have technical difficulties using the item you have purchased then you have the right to contact this website at any time and we will assist you as much as we can.
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Once purchased any download from this website you will have 5 download opportunities to redownload your file which you have purchased. Once you have exceeded 5 downloads will will have to purchase the item again.
Images or typefaces which may have been used in my images are royalty free or I have been given permission by the licenser to redistribute. All stocks or typefaces used will have a hyperlink showcasing where you can download them from. Some files (especially PSD’s) may require you to download these additional images due to copyright laws. However there will be help on offer if you find it hard using these stock images or typefaces.

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